Art and Culture of Vietnam Course

Welcome to Janna Longacre’s Vietnam Resource Information Pages.  The materials in this site are from documents which I have archived and provided to students at Mass College of Art and Design for the last 12 years. It is an attempt to move into the electronic age and is organized to provide educational resources about anything related to Vietnam. The information has been pulled from many different websites and all copyright rights belong to the noted website on each page.
Information will be adding frequently to these pages.  Some pages have information without a url address.  In this case, the info is a word document which I am in the process of scanning to add to the site.  In the meantime, you can try to google the information and see if you find what you are looking for.  Otherwise email me and I will provide a printed copy.
Lastly, if you have interesting information to add to the site or find any broken links or….. if your computer is not allowing you to access parts of the site, please notify me immediately.


Janna Longacre
August 20, 2013