Les Jardins de La Carambole

32 Dang Tran Con, Hue 10000, Vietnam                       Phone: +84543548815      Email:


Les Jardins de La Carambole Les jardins de La Carambole 2

Ranked #1 of 130 restaurants in Hue              311 Reviews

Price range: $5 – $20 ( very good but more expensive than others)

Cuisines: French, Vietnamese       

Good for: Outdoor seating

Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Dinner, Reservations, Late Night

Description: Les Jardins De La Carambole is a new restaurant in Hue serving Vietnamese and French cuisine. It is inside the Citadel, very near the Forbidden City. It’s an impressive reconstruction of a French Colonial Villa. Great attention was paid to every detail of the historic reconstruction.

“Great service, beautiful food”      Reviewed August 8, 2013 

I had a set menu “hue specialties”: the meals were beautifully presented on the plate, the service was excellent and the place is quiet, minutes away from the citadel. The architecture of the house, the decor and the colors makes the charm of this restaurant.
I would strongly recommend eating there if you want to spend around 10$ for a really good meal Visited August 2013

La Carambole

19 Pham Ngu Lao, Hue, Vietnam                    Phone: (054) 3810491
 La Carambole   Ranked #29 of 130 restaurants in Hue          501 Reviews Cuisines: European, French, Vietnamese   

Good for: Families with children, Romance, Local cuisine, Outdoor seating

Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Takeout, Delivery, Late Night, Dessert


 “People who adore good fresh local produce.”                         Reviewed June 2, 2011

The moment you enter La Carambole, you are greeted by warm smiles.  The owner Christian & Ha are the warmest and most pleasant people that I met in Hue so far.  They serve no nonsense good food.  I am always a fan of a good slab of steak.
Most hotels and restaurants in Hue uses Australian import Beef for their steaks (it is either chilled or frozen). In general, imported OZ beef are tasteless and bloody.
At La Carambole, they serve steak from local Vietnamese beef (maybe Hue origin), the meat has a firm yet succulent texture. The taste is very rich and meaty compare to the OZ version. I had mine medium with no sauce, only salt pepper to taste, served on a bed of sauteed mushrooms and fried potatoes. One of the best beef steak in Vietnam so far. 
La Carambole also serves a variety of local cuisine and also French cuisine. A restaurant to be put on your TO VISIT list whenever you are in Hue, Vietnam.  Visited June 2011

“Only average and way below its sister restaurant”               Reviewed August 7, 2013 via mobile

Having eaten at its sister restaurant in town (Les Jardins), we had high hopes for this restaurant. Unfortunately it tries to hard to compete with the Happy Hour culture in town. This means it has a same-same menu that does not set it apart. Nor is the food especially good. It is not bad either. Just average. Service was not great relative to our expectations. I would not avoid it, just bear in mind it is not in the same league as its sister restaurant but in the same league as every other restaurant around it.

Visited August 2013

Club Garden Restaurant

Address: 8 Vo Thi Sau, Hue             Phone: 054826327

May be closed


Lien Hoa

3 Le Quy Don, Hue, Vietnam            Phone:  (054) 816884
 Lien Hoa

Ranked #23 of 130 restaurants in Hue          66 Reviews

 Certificate of Excellence 2013

Buddhist Vegetarian

“Wow Veggie!!!” Reviewed May 31, 2013

Inspired by the reviews here we added it to the list of vegetarian outlets in Vietnam where we could eat. As Indian vegetarians , we cautiously had our lunch here and returned for dinner, and if we would have stayed in Hue longer we would certainly have come here again. The place has cozy ambience. The staff is not very comfortable with English but they are very helpful. The food is delightfully delicious. The spiced lemon juice is a thing to be thirsted after! We had crisp fried jackfruit and chilly sauce ( it was divine) , crisp mecan ( I am still to figure out what mecan is!). The prices are very easy on the pocket. I wish they had something to offer in the desserts section.                Visited May 2013


Family Home Restaurant

11/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hue 8454, Vietnam            Phone: 84 54 3820668

 Family Home Restaurant Ranked #2 of 130 restaurants in Hue             228 Reviews         Certificate of Excellence 2013Price range: $1 – $2Cuisines: Asian, European               Good for: Dining on a budget

Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Reservations, Late Night

Description: Greetings from Family Home Restaurant, Hue city, Vietnam! With Hue specialty cuisines, friendly and pleasant staff, we believe that you will have a fantastic experience. We are glad to welcome you at our Restaurant.

“An Authentic Vietnamese Culinary Experience”     Reviewed August 13, 2013 

This tiny restaurant is well named, as I felt as though I was eating in someone’s home dining room, and I was! Several generations of the host family were sometimes watching TV in an adjacent room while I was eating, and I enjoyed the family atmosphere. They smiled at me but kept to themselves, so were not an intrusion. I ate here all 3 days that I was in Hue because the food and prices were so enticing that I couldn’t see any point in patronizing anywhere else. It seemed that I was eating authentically prepared Vietnamese food, and this was something I was keen to experience. I had the stir-fried beef with peppers and sesame seeds, and it was among my favorite meals in Southeast Asia. The shrimp spring rolls were also great, as was the shakshouka breakfast. It can take a little patience to get your food, because everything is made fresh to order. This place is located in a busy alley, and is easy to find, and well worth the effort. I’d asked the travel agent down the street to recommend a place to eat nearby, and this was her suggestion. The service was always friendly, and I felt that this was a good occasion to leave a sizable tip, even though this is not common or expected in Southeast Asia. I found that this was very much appreciated.

“Yummy Vietnamese food at great prices”                Reviewed August 7, 2013

Verdict: The BEST value-for-money yummy food in Hue!
Tip: Family Home Restaurant is located on a small lane off Nguyen Tri Phuong road. Look out for an Indian restaurant on Nguyen Tri Phuong road. Beside the Indian restaurant is the small lane.
I tried 3 restaurants in Hue – Family Home Restaurant, Nina’s Cafe and Les Jardins de La Carambole. Family Home Restaurant is the winner for value-for-money. Les Jardins is great for atmosphere and quality & presentation of food (and you pay for it, of course).

“Great food, superb service – local and personal. Best place so far in Vietnam!!’”        Reviewed July 22, 2013 

The food was delicious, value for money and special compared to other commercialized restaurants serving up western Vietnamese food. Everything was prepared in the small kitchen by the daughter, mother and grandmother of this family owned place, using their own family recipes. The mother serving us was very friendly and attentive, making sure everything was to our satisfaction, telling us about the place, food and her family. We really felt welcome, and it was a super nice experience. The perfect combo of personalized service and local delicious dishes at more than affordable rates;) I recommend the Hue pancakes and crispy noodles. Their specialty here is a banana salad, that can’t be found just anywhere. If you want a great, cozy dinner experience – go there!      Visited July 2013

“Easily the best place to eat in Hue”            Reviewed July 21, 2013 via mobile

Traditional Hue recipes passed down generations and it shows in the final product. Cheap and beautiful family staff
The hue pancake is the best I’ve ever tasted. (After tasting 40 odd).  Everything on the menu is fresh and tasty
Just go! Best restaurant in S.E Asia so far      Visited July 2013


Nina’s Cafe

Number 16 | 34 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hue, Vietnam     Phone: +84 1687654356   Website:

 Nina's Cafe Ranked #3 of 130 restaurants in Hue              531 Reviews                 Certificate of Excellence 2013Price range: $1 – $4Cuisines: Seafood, Vegetarian, Vietnamese

Good for: Families with children, Romance, Large groups, Local cuisine, Dining on a budget

Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Takeout, Delivery, Late Night, Dessert



In 2009 we converted our front garden into Nina’s Café.  We hope you will enjoy coming to our restaurant, eating our food and getting to know us.  All our food is made by Mum and Dad. Nina is the daughter in our family and is one of the waitresses.  Tan is the son, but he is 18 so usually sleeping or out with friends!  We are always trying to make Nina Café better and hope that you can tell us any recommendations.

This restaurant has Mixed Reviews

“Quirky, friendly restaurant”           Reviewed August 9, 2013 

This restaurant is hidden round the back of an alley but well signposted. It has a quirky little atmosphere, good food, friendly staff and great decorations. They also offer city tours and all sorts so definitely worth a visit.  Visited August 2013

Confetti Restaurant & Art Gallery

01 Chu Van An Street, Hue 054, Vietnam  Phone: 054 3 824148
 Confetti  Ranked #5 of 130 restaurants in Hue             285 Reviews        Certificate of Excellence 2013

Price range: $2 – $15

Cuisines: Asian, Barbecue, Seafood, Vietnamese

Good for: Families with children, Romance, Bar scene, Doing business, Local cuisine, Special occasions, Entertaining clients, Dining on a budget

Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Late Night 

 “Good food, good service”              Reviewed August 11, 2012

A restaurant- art gallery, with AC. The look is elegant. the staff wear formal uniforms, very
unusual for Vietnam. Linen tablecloths and napkins with high-quality utensils and chinaware.
For all of that, the prices were quite reasonable. Three of us ate well for $18 USD. The Pho was tasty, the sautéed water morning glory was done just right. The Hue fried pancake was just average as was the grilled aubergine…..the tomato sauce topping was a mistake. 
A complaint that we had was the price they charged for drinks….the non-alcoholic kind. the cost of a coke or 7-Up or iced or hot tea was more than double that of any other restaurant we ate in in Vietnam. The same was true for the beer. Yet, the food was good, the setting pleasant and the service fine.

Visited July 2012

“Great Vietnamese food thoughtfully prepared”       Reviewed August 11, 2013 

We ate here based upon the TA rating and certainly weren’t disappointed  The service is impeccable and the food was tasty with a genuine depth of flavor  The atmosphere in the restaurant was good as it got busier through the evening. It is slightly more expensive than other local offerings but for the cleanliness and level of cooking its a bargain. If you’re scared of street meat, this will give you a good intro to the local cuisine and no danger of an upset stomach.  Visited August 2013

Ba Do Restaurant

7 Nguyen Binh Khiem St, Hue, Vietnam
 Ba Do Restaurant  Ranked #49 of 130 restaurants in HueCuisines: Vietnamese


“Found my food spot for Hue”       Reviewed August 8, 2013 

Thanks to an online traveling reviewer,, we found this turn-out-to-be-well-known-by-locals restaurant, which serves up the traditional Hue food, Banh Beo in little cups, Banh Nam, Banh It Ram, and especially Banh Khoai. I think what made it so good is the fresh ingredients and the sauces that come the each dish – so light yet so earthy! We stuffed it to the rim of our tummies and still wanted to order more! And the best thing is, they don’t charge you up just because you’re Westerner or visiting from out of the country! The restaurant itself is kind of funky, which I don’t mind, because these types of food were originally served on the sides of the streets, in little stalls with little chairs, which I bet people still find somewhere in the marketplace. I felt completely satisfied leaving the place!

Visited July 2013

Tropical Garden Restaurant

27 D Chu Van An | South Bank, Hue, Vietnam             Phone: (054) 847 143
 Tropical Garden  Ranked #38 of 130 restaurants in Hue          111 ReviewsGood for: Romance, Large groups, Doing business, Local cuisine, Special occasions, Entertaining clients

Dining options: Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Late Night


 “One of the best in the world”       Reviewed May 11, 2013

I’ve eaten here 7 or 8 times on 4 trips to Hue over a 7 year period. Unfortunately it’s sister establishment Club Garden closed in the last 18 months and I noted much lees tourists to Hue this year. It is set in a beautiful colonial style villa with a covered outside garden. The formal service with traditionally attired waitresses can be refreshing for those who’ve been eating street food or in cheaper establishments for much of their stay in Vietnam  I note the tendency of reviewers of Vietnamese restaurants to favor the budget establishments and to perceive them as somehow more authentic than upmarket restaurants such as this. As someone with a Vietnamese wife who eats her home cooked food most of the year and her family’s food on hols in Vietnam every year, it is the budget restaurant options that disappoint the most. To eat well in Vietnam, it is wise to eat either cheap street food from a stall that serves only one specialized dish or go upmarket, avoiding the low quality mid market. The Imperial set menu at Tropical Garden, in itself is the best reason to come here and is remarkable value. These dishes requires high technical ability, beyond the reach of cheaper kitchens and Vietnamese households; Excellent Hue food is highly valued throughout Vietnam but usually bought as a takeaway from the 1 or 2 local places that have mastered Hue delicacies. I do agree with the last reviewer that it is best to avoid the 2pm to 6pm dining slot, as aside from the understandable fact that there will be less staff available at that time, it is best at candle light in their wonderful garden or when they have traditional music on.                Visited February 2013

“Ok restaurant,sometimes good sometimes not good.”        Reviewed May 6, 2013

I have been here few times, and i believe the food’s good depending who is on shift at the time. I have had great meals here, but also had disappointing ones. Take your chances, it is a gamble…Visited April 2013