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Vietnam Religious Challenges – Part 1 / MaxMediaAsia·162 videos  Published on Apr 15, 2013  / 8 minutes

A report on the state of religious freedom in Vietnam and a look at how government -sanctioned religious groups co-exist along with the Government’s communist dogma.

Vietnam’s Religious Challenges-The Underground Churches Part 2 / MaxMediaAsia·162 videos Published on Apr 15, 2013  / 8 minutes

A look at how unsanctioned churches are thriving secretly throughout Vietnam. Parishioners of these underground churches claim they are harassed, tortured and persecuted by authorities. They even say priests have been imprisoned and have gone missing. These are just some of the claims the Government denies as it states there is plenty of religious freedom in the country. 

Vietnamese Buddhist Community Makes Urgent Appeal For Asylum / brotherfulfilment·11 videos / Uploaded on Dec 16, 2009   / 3:57 minutes


Ritual Music in Vietnam / 2raloo·150 videos Uploaded on Dec 30, 2011 / 4:31 minutes

Buddhism Taoism and Confucianism in China / Eduardo Tejada·10 videos   Uploaded on Apr 8, 2011      16:33 minutes